Digital Pringting

smk Digital Printing fabric2
smk Digital Printing fabric
smk Digital Printing fabric
smk Digital Printing fabric

We are in the era of digitalization and we are providing professional level digital printing on fabrics.

Digital Fabric Printing is by far one of the most exciting developments in the textile industry. Not only does it open up endless opportunities for customization, small run printing, and experimentation but it also puts textile printing within your average budget. From small runs to big productions, all can be printed with ease while maintaining the demanding parameters of textiles.

Advantages of Digital Fabric Printing:

This technology uses large format digital inkjet printers. Practically it is the same technique used by desk top inkjet printers to print paper. Due to which digital Textile printing has various advantages over traditional printing. Some of these include:

  • With the digital printing technology photographic & tonal graphics with multiple shades as well as colors can be printed on textiles
  • Unlike Traditional printing techniques (like Rotary & Screen printing) there is no limitation on number of colors as with this printing technique any number of colors can be printed in fabrics
  • There is no limitation on repeat size as in case of traditional printing methods
  • It offers faster processing speed where everything that is required in the print can be prepared on computer digitally
  • It allows user to print as little as possible. Therefore there is no minimum order quantity as such
  • High Precision printing is possible, which is usually a drawback with other forms of printing
  • Overall cost of producing a sample is cheaper in comparison to other forms of printing

Problems / Limitations associated with digital printing:

The following points explain the details:

  • Metallic colors and effect can not be printed by these machines
  • In case of flat color printing, there can be a gamut of colors which the machine cannot produce
  • Maximum Width of printing is 150 cmts / 58”